Department of Clinical Microbiology

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Department of Clinical Microbiology

Function of the Department of Clinical Microbiology is to detetime microbial agents causing infectious diseases. Due to experienced technicians, and Osiris system for susceptibility testing, the results of bacterial identification andf active antibiotics are provided to doctors accurately and objectively. Automatic bactec system helps continually monitoring blood culture and qickly detecting blood stream infections

Serology is mainly performed with ELISA system, other with agglutination and rapid immunochromatography. Blood parasites, enteric parasites, and fungi determination are also executed. Molecular biology lab is developped for diagnosing tuberculosis, hepatitis, and other viral infections

The Department is responsible for specialzing education for posgraduated students and doctors in the South of Vietnam. It is also training facility of Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Scientific collaboration has been ususlly performed since the past 30 years. Some important projects are listed here:

Cho Ray-JICA ( Japan )
Cho Ray-CDC ( USA )
Research and training project of Cho Ray-The Netherlands
Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary infections
Nosocomial infections
National project of monitoring antibiotics resistance.